Cheaters June Ann Vail Williams

June Ann Vail Williams — Valdosta, Georgia

This piece of trash is a married woman. Her husband Anthony Barnett Williams smokes weed with the men she screws. At the time they were living In the Deerfield Beach/ Fort Lauderdale Florida area. I recently found out my husband of 10 years had sex with her. She told him Anhony was her brother. They carried on a relationship for about 9 months. The first time I saw her number in his phone he had it under his jobs name as if she worked with him. I guess that was to keep me from asking questions. i asked my friends husband who works with him if there was a girl name June who works there. He said he had been with the company for 12 years and knew everyone there and no one named June works there. At some point she changed her number and he put it under the name Jack Forge. I paid for one of those reverse call look up sites and found out the number was registered to June Williams. I called her and asked her how she knows my husband. She said she had no clue who he was. I described him. Where he works and his car and she maintained she did not know him. She claimed her “brother” uses her phone and he may know her brother but he was not home at the time. I found out by accident from a woman I thought he was having an affair with (turns out she was interested in his friend) that he told her that he was dating this girl June. When I confronted him about it he claimed he was going through a ” trying time”. I was totally disgusted with him since we both were going through the same financial issues. When I saw her picture I told him he must have been high to screw that. I asked how he could climb on top of that and not throw up in his mouth. I told him he was so stupid that he did not even know he was smoking weed with this man and fu€*ing his whore of a wife. He went to work one day. I changed all the locks on the house and put his clothes in garbage bags in the back yard ( not trying to get the neighbors all in my business ). I filed for divorce but this jerk won’t sign the papers. Either way I will get him out of my life. And he can have his Amazon trailer park trash whore!!!