JULIE WHITAKER – Fresno, California

Julie Whitaker, 5150, bipolar, liar, manipulative, narcissistic, her and husband are swingers, claims to be lesbian, lol, professional con artist, alcoholic, this chick is straight crazy!! She has sued about 16 people and loses because she’s such a bad liar and after being around her for 20 minutes you can see there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong, honestly it’s sad. She is pure evil and the most miserable, bitter, cold, mean, and unhappiest person you could ever come across. She’s nicknamed the black widow. She will suck your bank acct dry and even steal your car! She lies about having cancer and lupus so people feel sorry for her and donate or help a sick woman, who isn’t sick but just sick in the head. She has a yorkie and throws and kicks the poor animal. Julie Whitaker is jus lure evil, she has no conscious and may have questioned if she even has a soul. Very foul woman!! If u have half a brain, STAY AWAY from this psychopath!!!