California Julie Soto

Julie Soto — Pasadena, California

It was 3am and and I was awoken by a thought, a few thoughts. My Husband of 20 years was acting strange. Our anniversary dinner the day before he was distant, and he was overly interested in working on his computer. Probably nothing but I better look at his computer history so I can ease my mind. As I opened up the laptop his facebook page was open, turning to chat I found 1700 messages with an old high school fling. After 6 days of chatting they were already engaged and he was promising the love of my children. They had already met once solidifying the affair, she a unlicensed property manager (clearly has no respect for any License) “hiring” him to work for her. Needless to say I kicked him out. I loved my husband dearly so having second thoughts of my rashness asked him to not do anything stupid. He agreed…of coarse the next weekend he lied and spent the weekend with her and a month later took HER to their High School Reunion. Basically he abandoned us for her. It has been two years and I have so much hate for them.