Canada Julie Hosted

Julie Hosted – Ottawa, Canada

Julie Hoysted aka Naomi aka Nasty loser Hoe is truly one of Ottawa’s worst people. This tramp is an amazing manipulator. She claims she is a “good girl” and she will talk bad about all her hooker friends and say what bad people they are. Funny thing is is that Julie Hoysted has been a prostitute for 7 years! Shes also a snitch. Did some dirt with some guys then snitches them all out to the cops. She lies and Manipulates and cheats on all her boyfriends. Her last boyfriend was actually a really good guy and super loyal to her. Yet this hoe cheated on him while she was pregnant with his baby! The whole time she was with him she was turning tricks and talking to her clients on the regular. What a hoe ! This disgusting hoe won’t let her ex meet his child. What kind of sick horrible woman would do such a thing. But then any woman who has sex with dirty old married men for money is a piece of garbage and should never be trusted. It’s amazing how many people are fools by this nasty hoe. Some of her floozy clients include respected Ottawa businessmen like 70 year old married father Peter Kundstadt and many others. They pay her to have sex with her in dirty motel rooms. She lets them perform oral sex on her and she doesn’t even use condoms! Such a disgusting loser. Julie Hoysted is truly a horrible person.