Cheaters Julie Dew

Julie Dew — Pensacola, Florida

Had an affair with her married manager that had a wife and three kids…knew he was married and knew the wife. She will screw management for favors and advancements,she worked for a dodge dealership and currently works at one in Pensacola…she is very nasty and a bottom feeder,watch your husbands!!! Mine has been taken to task and has paid a very dear price,she is married herself and pretends to be a Christian woman,Milton dodge has not been her first hunting grounds so ladies if your husbands are at Hill Kelly Dodge and in a management position use caution she will bed them and have them give her money and favors!!!! Hopefully this want happen to anyone else,the sad thing is she smelled and even had the power to suduce,she was a very nasty over used whore!!!!