Cheaters Julie Brown

Julie Brown — Farmersville, Indiana

Okay let’s get started by stating her new boyfriend has a kid who he had just left for 6 months with no care to see his kid. He works for the state and abused his child’s mother and got away with his dad being a former attorney for DPS. He’s a scum bag so fast forward this girl comes in and rips up a family and KNOWS he and his child’s mom are working on things and their relationship and knows they have sex all the way up till August apparently 6 months of them dating! Then come October the scum bag “dad” abuses the mom and leaves to live a life with this girl and her two kids totally leaving his own blood to the side! He even kicks the new girlfriend out around Christmas getting in her face as he’s shit faced drunk! What a great guy…. not… and then this girl gets engaged to this abusive asshole who now wants to pop up in a kids life and acts all high and mighty!! They both suck and deserve each other!! She loves to get naked in front of others boyfriends as well… they are made for each other ?