JULIAN SENKO FAIRY – Winnipeg, Canada

this is Julian Senko the fairy. With a moronic name like that we already knew he was destined to be a fairy but he takes it to a whole different level. See this ugly hideos horseface girl he’s posing with? Don’t let it fool you. He’s flaming gay and pays male floozys to put it up his bum. I’m sure he has all sorts of drds. What makes him the worst human being is the despicable way he talks behind all his friends backs and repeats what they tell him to any random person. This guy thinks he gets a a free pass just because his father, (also gay) sexually abused him when he was a kid. Well no Julian, that’s not excuse. Man up and stop making people feel bad and gossiping like a b1tch just because you dad butt molested you when you were little. We all talk behind your back and don’t kid really are a joke to all of us. Everything from your wannane hipster hair to beard to the stupid things you say, we snicker and mock you constantly and you are totally oblivious. THAT’S how clueless and stupid you are. LOL. Pathetic and moronic hipster gaylord lol.