Arkansas Julia McNeal (Nelson)

Julia McNeal (Nelson) — Wasilla, Arkansas

Where do I even begin? My (now ex) husband is a paint contractor in Wasilla, AK and is the biggest liar you will ever know. The man has needs, let’s just say no women could actually fulfill without his requested assistance of a device. (No I would not help him in that department! )But boy did he make a dress, wig, and thong look disgustingly wrong! Pictures to show it, even brought them to court ??. Well, Back in August of 2016, a client came to me with some information about my husband going on a weekend long caribou hunt in the mountains with some girl that had been working at his main paint supply shop for 6 months. Not knowing this thing had even started working there, I thought back to the many parties he all of a sudden started frequenting at this Rodda Paint shop. confronted him, and after 6 long hours of him denying it over the phone, I come home, crying for forgiveness, says she wanted to go hunting with him, and showed him attention. (I’m sure it helps that this homely woman looks at his $500,000 product spending- a year account on her computer screen, daily). Needless to say things were taken care of, he begged us to work it out.. I decided to try, paid for counseling, mostly because he swore up and down that the two of them (both married) did NOT sleep together. Did I mention that he is not a licensed pilot, but took her out in the plane that we bought together… the same plane that he was having me take flying lessons in just so I could ger licensed and help him with his guiding business? And did I also mention the weekend he took this woman out, I was at his mothers birthday that he forgot? (Bet she doesn’t know that part, of course) Well months go by, and many of the right people are fully aware of her homewrecking ways, (she’s originally from Seward, where they do their brothers, uncles, fathers, and cousins… which makes a lot of sense when you hear him say she’s just a ‘simple’ girl… more like billy bob Thornton simple mmm hmmm) So he continues to promise not to go there, but wouldn’t stop dealing with them, even though it was the one and only request I had (fishy already)… he convinced me over time he would switch to sherwin williams.. well months go by, this girl is on the edge of getting fired, but her boss can not legally in AK get rid of her for the reasons he’s listed and has told me, also admitting along with her co-workers, that she is absolutely useless to the company. December comes around, two weeks before Christmas, right after my father gives my husband a gorgeous 2015 snowachine (that he later wrecks and asks my father for help with… pppssshh! The audacity!) and we are about to go to his work Christmas party, and I have learned people have seen him at this paint supply shop. I freak out, I say I can’t take it, why can’t you stay away from there??? He lies and lies and says his business needs the product blah blah blah… well he comes to me that night and says he wants a divorce. I ask him why we can’t figure things out and why does he feel the need to always lie, his entire life… he continued to lie more and says I deserve better, that he will give me everything I wanted (and did, and still is monthly!), that he messed up our entire marriage. So the next 1.5 months, I am in the process of buying a home, we still live together, and are still physical, sleeping in the same bed and emotionally connected oddly more then ever, upon his request, my broken heart and stupidity, I was love blind to the bitter end. Well I finally move in to my own home, we legally get a divorce, we still stay close, he comes over constantly, we talk and text daily… but things aren’t adding up… he’s always asking me if I’m dating anyone.. I say no… (I’m still not over him) I ask him if he is… he says no… but he’s coming over when he wants to, but I can’t seem to see him anywhere else… he sends pictures of him on trips “alone”  and calls me on the phone, telling me he’s sorry, misses me (after divorce) hmmm odd yes. Something is up though… So I eventually run into a mutual friend, I ask where he is, they tell me he’s at home with that JULIA MCNEAL. I felt my heart drop into my feet, and I wanted to die. He proceeds to tell me, (clearly not liking his friends moral decisions in life) that the entire time, since he had met her in spring of 2016, when she started working at the paint store, that they have been seeing each other. All behind my back… and on top of it, she’s married the entire time… and STILL is legally married!! With two toddler boys!!! Whom she brings to parties with the both of them. Now they are together, living in the house I MADE A HOME!! Does she know his habits, disgust, and sexual perversions?? No she doesn’t, but she will, and of course he’s lying to her the entire time. Then I find the funny reason why she has moved out of her husbands house, because she’s told people that the guy is too freaky in bed… lol…  Well, hunny, you have a BIG surprise coming to you!  The man you’ve decided to bed with, Uses shampoo bottles where you don’t want to know… what do you think he will want you to do in your future together?! You can have him. I just thought other women/men should be warned… that this women had knowingly been a home wrecker for almost a year. Hope your mother gets this emailed to her, Julia! Better yet, let me help you in that task.