Cheaters Julia Lobato

Julia Lobato — Denver, Colorado

This hoe… Started messaging my Fiancé about sports getting his attention and tricking him into liking her. She continuously would make him feel bad for her life! She asked him to go over once because she was feeling sad and my fiancé being a nice guy did! She made a move and him being stupid fell for it. He tried to stop it there but she would find different ways to get in contact with him saying she felt like killing herself or talking trash about her “supposed” abusive boyfriend! She told him she couldn’t get pregnant and behold she got pregnant by her boyfriend at the time! This guy did everything for this girl including working so she didn’t have to, getting her a car and place to live when she got pregnant at 17! And even with her being pregnant by this other guy she would still try to find ways to talk to my fiancé! He made her cry while she was pregnant because he told her to go be with her Boyfriend and leave her alone but of course she told her boyfriend something different and he told my boyfriend he’s not a good friend to her!! Hahahahahahaha! Durning that time me and my fiancé were planning and trying to have a baby and she still wouldn’t leave him alone! So with her last attempts she became my friend!! Since I had no knowledge of this girl of course I became her friend she did nothing wrong to me at the time and she was the girlfriend of my brother in laws best friend she has to be nice right?? WRONG! She became my friend simply to try to get in contact with my fiancé! What a low hoe! I’m not saying my cheating fiancé is perfect because he obviously feel for her tricks but I can’t stand a hoe who is telling someone they want to kill themselves or lie about an abusive relationship to get the attention of someone and then make a move once they try to comfort you!!