California Julia Fong

Julia Fong – Los Angeles, California

A little over a year ago I found out my husband’s been having an affair with Julia Fongfor about 3-4 years, he tried to end it with her recently but she wasn’t accepting that and she beat him up. She gave him 2 black eyes, broke his nose, and dislocated his jaw. He ended up with a concussion. He refuse to press charges due to his identity. I want to send out warnings to other men, this little noodle may look small but she has an abusive temperament. She physically abuses men, my husband isn’t the first man she beat up, she beat up her other sugar daddies too when they try to end it with her. She tried to extort money out of him but I’m well aware of the affair so she’s not getting a dime. You can judge me for staying but I’m a 40 year old woman, we have children. I took my vows and will stick by my man. I know men cheat, men have needs, they’re dogs and will look around for other toys to play with, I have no issues with that, we’re in an open relationship. I even let my husband go on vacation with his mistresses. What I have issues with is when someone is physically abuse. No manner what my husband does, he doesn’t deserve to be beaten up to a point where he almost loses his life. He said he felt like his head was about to explode as she was sending blows. She may be small but she knows how to throw punches, Please be careful guys, stay away from Julia Fong. My husband is the fourth man she beat up, there’s warning threads on sugar daddy websites about Julia and her abuses.