California Judy Correia

Judy Correia — Denair, California

JUDY HAGGSTROM CORREIA*********HOMEWREKER******DENAIR,CA Let me first start off by saying that this woman has done what only the trashiest of woman would do. My husband and I have been married for 25 years, and have five children and two grand children. In March of 2016, our family decided to take a new job in Turlock, CA. My husband is extremely talented, and therefore taking the GSM job at the new Price Ford, was something our family was excited about. My husband started hiring new people, which sometime in November 2016, he hired JUDY as one of the new finance managers. At this time, my son was also employed as a salesman. He was 20 years old. After this woman was hired, she began to show much interest in my son. He would often come home from work, and tell me how uncomfortable he feels around this new employee. He said that she dresses like a hooker, with short skirts and her breast were always hanging out. She asked him to come hang with her on the weekends, which he never did. She made it clear to everyone that she liked her men, young. I told my son, that he was a grown man, and that he either turns her in…or deals with it. He didn’t wants to make waves, since his father had just taken on this huge, new job, so he tried his best to stay clear of her. Come December, and possibly sooner, I started having suspicions that this woman had moved on to my husband. My husband always denied that they were seeing each other, but having been married for so long, I knew when something wasn’t right. My son and son in law(who also worked there) told me that were also having suspicions. Now come January, Me and my two teenagers, went back home to Georgia, to spend a little time at our farm. After being there for a couple weeks, my husband calls me and tells me that he wasn’t sure if he loved me anymore. Well, I honestly thought that this was a sick joke, but it wasn’t. So, the next day, I surprised him, and flew out to our California home to try to fix things. Long story short, he said that he was in love with me and that he was so glad I came. I decided to stay 15 days to make sure everything was good. I think we made love more in those 2 weeks than ever before. It was spectacular! I left on Feb. 12th and he said he would fly out on the 15th for our 25th wedding anniversary. He stayed for a week and it was amazing. He spoiled me rotten to say the least. On his last day in GA, we spent most of it in bed loving on one another and making plans for our future. He began to get very emotional. He looked at me with tears in his eyes, and said that his job in California, wasn’t what he needed. You can imagine how shocked I was, because he was making more money than ever before. I asked him why, and he said that he wanted to stay here in Georgia with his family and live on the farm. He said that money wasn’t everything and that he wanted to open up a little General Store in town. He was tired of the business. He then said for me to give him 2 weeks to get his next check, and then he would be back. Well, we were both so excited about our plan, that we grabbed the kids and told them. My husband began to tell the kids how much he loved their mother, and that we were going to be spending more time together. They were all very happy. So, off he went back to Cali for a short time. A week and a half later, I get a face time message from my husband saying that our marriage was over! I once again thought he was joking, but I soon came to realize that he wasn’t. I began to cry and asked why. He said that he is a very bad person and that I deserved so much better. He said that he had been sleeping with prostitutes our entire marriage. Then he proceeded to tell me of the times, and I saw that he was telling the truth. I hung up the phone and ran outside, and threw up all over the porch. My life… just got ruined.(so I thought) Well after about an hour of crying, I sat in my bed and felt an extreme peace come over me. I knew at that time that everything was going to be ok. So, the next morning, I flew once again to see my husband. When I arrived this time, he was a completely different man. He had turned into a vicious, evil man who wanted me nowhere around him. I told him that I loved him and that I had already forgiven him. This only made him madder. This was when I knew there was something else going on. I asked him if there was someone else, and he said hell no! He said you know how much I hate women! (yes, he always talked bad about women our entire marriage) But, then I asked him about JUDY. I asked if he was seeing her, because my heart says you are. He then began to tell me that she slept with guys all the time. He said she was one ugly, nasty woman! Well, I wasn’t buying it. So, I decided to ask her myself. When I went to confront her in her office, she proceeded to say that my husband was too damn old for her and she liked them young. Even though she was rude, and disrespectful, I wanted to believe her. So, I left the dealership and headed home to figure out the truth. When he came home, he said he wanted me gone, so I packed up my stuff and headed back to Georgia. Once I got home, he started being somewhat nice, and said that maybe down the road we could figure this all out. WelI, I took that as, I needed to get back there with our children and fix it once and for all. So, that is what I did. We surprised him, and he began cussing and screaming at me and our teenagers. And then…at that moment..he made a choice. He said he had to go to work to do something. My son jumped in his car with him and my husband ran straight to JUDY to warn her that we were in town. My son called me from the dealership and said that dad is seeing that woman. My heart was broken in that moment. I waited for my husband and son to return home and finally after all this time, he admitted to be having a sexual relationship with his co worker from Price Ford. He then said he wanted a divorce and packed his bags and left to move in with her. Right before he left, my son grabbed his phone, and the evidence on his phone confirmed that this had been going on for a while… as early as November when she was first hired. This woman sat by me at the Christmas party and acted like my best friend. She is a horrible excuse for a woman.. as is my husband a horrible excuse for a man. My oldest daughter did a background check on this woman and the information was insane. She has served 6 months in jail for child endangerment, filed for bankruptcy twice(but was denied because she had no assets), has multiple liens on her home due to the many times that she has been sued in small claims court. She also owes, Ford Motor Company over 40,000 on bad car loans and she freaking works at a Ford store that says they do background checks! What a joke. She has had several foreclosures, and the list goes on and on. There were over 35 pages of stuff. All these cases are still open and this woman is BROKE! She owes over 300,000 to companies and other people. This woman thought she had a sugar daddy when she met my husband. She needs money and that is where my husband came into play. Little does she know that we are broke! We owe more than we make and we live paycheck to paycheck. My husbands credit is also less than desirable, so she’s about to see that she made a bad choice. She is a USER and HOMEWRECKER that needs to be exposed for what she really is!!!