Cheaters Juan Fiol

Juan Fiol – Miami, Florida

Juan Fiol broker and owner of vision realty of Miami is a thief, his real estate companies are fronts for their dirty side businesses. Juan and his associates Carlos Menendez of land trust co. along with their real estate agent Roxana Caro once a realtor of luxe properties of Miami, together they scam and steal from innocent people in the Miami area. These 3 go around stealing peoples money and homes. They forge their names on documents and proceed to list houses that does not rightfully belong to them on his real estate websites starting with vision realty of Miami. Roxana Caro is a realtor not to be trusted she committed fraud during a short sale transaction and stole a Miami Lakes home then along with vision realty listed the property for sale in order to collect over a $100,000 equity from this property. A scam that Roxana Caro and Carlos Menendez plotted together for many months before stealing this house. The real owner of the property currently has a lawsuit pending against this realtor and she along with Juan Fiol and Carlos Menendez are currently being investigated not only for this fraud but others such as credit fraud, bank fraud and using dead people social security numbers for all sorts and parts of their scheming operations. Roxana Caro was fired from luxe properties of Miami once they recieved news of the fraud she committed with the Miami Lakes home which then shortly after she then joined the vision realty team to continue their fraud schemes. Do not do any kind of business with these 3. Juan Fiol, Roxana Caro and Carlos Menendez are nothing but crooks and petty thieves and the companies that they are linked with are all part of their scams.