California Juan A Torres

Juan A Torres – California

juan a. torres lost his job at time warner because of his affair with angela moghadasnia a v.p. at freedom graohic systems. he is married 20+ years with kids and has lost other jobs because of extracurricular activities on the clock. angela was a recent widow and had issues according to juan and wouldn’t have sex without taking off her shirt. he had to go under her shirt?! wtf? anyway, while he was cheating on his wife with angela, he was also cheating on angela with bryn, alicia, zulma, irma & shaniqua. chronic cheater who had to move to pendleton, or because someone’s husband threatened him. he owes all of the women money and his wife is not dying of cancer like he tells all of us women. she’s just clueless and a mother to the kids. juan is an a**.