Cheaters Joshua “Skippintown” Banks

Joshua “Skippintown” Banks – Georgia

Cheater, Liar, Manipulator Joshua “Skippintown” Banks. Yes! Will go to any means to get what he wants out of you. Plays homeless and “victim” to stay at girl’s houses and freeload off them, until he eventually finds a new woman to mooch off of. Has at least one, but possibly two illegitimate children. Lies constantly. Never stops calling and messaging other women, even if he is in a relationship. Will use Tinder and “nude photo” facebook groups in secret. Talks down about and creates terrible lies about every single girlfriend he has ever had. Cheated on every single past girlfriend he has had and openly admitted it. Legally not allowed to visit his first born son. Has sent death threats to an ex girlfriend for breaking up with him. This man is extremely manipulative, narcissistic, sociopathic, and should be avoided at all costs. He likes to play innocent. DO NOT TRUST HIM.