California Joshua Ray Beall

Joshua Ray Beall – California

A manipulator, cheater, Loves to make women hurt emotionally and has absolutely no respect for women. Has cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. when he gets accused of cheating he lashes out. Every name in the book i’ve been called. Been put down for my weight. He has every excuse in the world to make it sound like what he did was right. And somehow he will believe that its My fault why he slept with nasty old b**** and my best friend. I spent seven years being lied to and treated like s***. I was deeply in love with him and he knew it but he loves to watch women suffer. makes him feel like a god or something. Glad to be moving on. Time to get away from the abuse. two concussions later, broken heart, sprained wrist, and the unforgettable night i spent in jail for protecting myself from him. by the way i was the one who called the cops to help me but should have known then that my best friend was the w**** who was sleeping with him so of course she lied to the cops and changed the story. Thank you Joshua Beall and Arlyn Kennedy of saint helena, CA for teaching me that what pieces of s*** you are.