Cheaters Joseph Gomes

Joseph Gomes – FLorida

When she met him in July, I thought he was perfect for her. My friend had spent more than a year recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship. He was kind and funny and handsome with a great job at Tropicana, the major bonus was he didn’t have a wedding ring (or slightest sign of one). The day after they hooked up I was the one to encourage her to call him as he asked her to do. He seemed legit, picking her up to go to his house so he could cook her dinner.
Soon the story came out, the truth as he stated was he has been married for 18 years and wife is literally old as dirt (he turning 40, she is 62). He used the story of miserable life, mostly sexless and when she gave it she sucked in bed, it was loveless and emotionless. Even played on her ego saying the kind of sex my friend gave him was something he hadn’t experienced before. Said he was divorcing wife, it was a matter of their children. He pulled her in hook line and sinker. I almost fell for some of the bs.