Canada Josee Bertrand

Josee Bertrand — Ottawa, Canada

Obviously the man I married was not innocent in this but I’m here to tell you a story about this woman. They dated in the past and when she found out he had met someone and was happy she called and texted constantly! Sent him nude pictures while he was at work and deliberately lied to me when I confronted her, telling me that I was obsessing and to leave her alone! The whole time claiming she is a “good person and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this” well let me tell you something, good, honorable women don’t call and text married men until they cave. Yes it’s true, if you want a man enough and dangle your lady parts in front of him, and tell him all the nasty things your going to do with him in bed of course he will end up sleeping with you! But guess what? He might tell you he loves you and blah blah blah what you want to hear… but guess who’s door he’s trying to get back into now? Sure as f#ck ain’t yours. You were just a piece of tail for him, that’s why he never married you. Go after him now, you deserve him.