Australia Jonathan (Jono) David House Wrecker

Jonathan (Jono) David House Wrecker – Australia

Jonathan David is a drug effected ice addict Prick that likes other guys girlfriends and sweet talks himself in to their pants, he prays on women with low self esteem and brain washes them. He became a family friend and slowly started to sweet talk my now ex, he would send her sweet messages in the middle of the night like my beautiful princess may the sun shine where ever you are and s*** like that, after 12 months of twisting everything I said and did, my then gf thought she was doing the right thing and starting a relationship with HIM thinking he was decent, we had 4 amazing kids together that deserved better than that s***.(he said to a mutual family friend that it took him 12 months to get her) After he got in to her pants he started cheating on HER too, he stole money from her(and me) to support his drug habit, my ex had a very soft and loving heart that he took advantage of, stay away from this low life SCUM his family lives in Brighton North, the whole family are SCUM even their daughter Alana had an affair with a married Rabbi and after getting pregnant to him she had an abortion and left to go to Israel till the dust settled the entire David family are absolute SCUM. STAY AWAY from all of them, I think Jonathan now lives in Queensland, beware of this Scum