Canada Jon Henderson aka Sam Swift from GayPorn

Jon Henderson aka Sam Swift from GayPorn – Canada

This guy is unreal. He hops from one girl to the next, never being faithful. Draining bank accounts, alienating women from thier friends and family so he can manipulate them and emotionally abuse them until he’s on to the next one. He’s Queer and is a slips off to the bathhouses now and then to do god knows what.

He has PERVERSE fetishes such as Mommy/Daddy/Sister rape fantasies along with fantasies of raping and torture hookers, dismembering them and having sex with their limbs.

He wears women’s panties constantly, steals them from all the whores he pays for sex and heads to winners every day with his VERY ATTACHED dog, to feel panties there.

Stay far away from this piece of work, he’s extreamely charming and very convincing but he’s a horrible human being who deserves to