Cheaters Jolene Nichole Farmer

Jolene Nichole Farmer — Shelbyville, Indiana

Jolean Nichole Farmer, she lies and cheats on everyone. She slept with her sisters husband more than once, caught doing sexual favors to her mom’s boyfriend in a van, she was married and made her husband think all the kids were his, when she knew none of them were. She has a boyfriend and is cheating on him with other guys, that is why she doesn’t want her current boyfriend to stay with her. She accuses everyone and blames everyone for her problems, when she causes it herself. Jolean has all these kids, none of the fathers want anything to do with her, and she sold her first two kids. The one father signed his rights away cause he was constantly thrown in jail if he did not do as Jolean said. The other kids father’s refuse to have anything to do with her. Another father took Jolean to court and won against Jolean. Jolean has slept with so many guys, that the state made her do dna tests on them, and Jolean had a ton of guys in there cause she did not know who the father actually was. She chases after her half sisters boyfriends, and makes up lies to get them in bed, and then tries to rub it in her half sisters face, saying everyone wants her. This don’t know what you would call her cause she is no woman and no mother, she was caught with 3 guys in her bed, when her husband came home, and the sad thing is her kids were in the same room with her and these men. She went to jail for dealing drugs, so she gave her custody away to her mother. She has pulled trains with many men, and her kids around to see all of this. She brags bout the amount of men she has been with, and brags about how she slept with her half sisters husband. Jolean is not a lesbian, but she tried to go after her sisters girlfriend because she is disgusting like that. She walks around naked in her house in front of her kids boyfiends and girlfriends. She has no class..This girl has spread std’s to many men, she does not keep herself clean. Just down right nasty. So if your in Shelbyville, make sure you watch your husbands and girlfriends.