Australia JoJo Junior

JoJo Junior — Melbourne, Australia

This woman who calls herself Jojo Junior on Facebook began chasing after my now X partner while I was pregnant with our son and ended up causing so many problems… my X started sleeping with her while with me and was sending him all these nude drawings of her sucking his **** and lingerie photos. I was so upset after just having a baby I ended up in a hospital because I became suicidal from the stress of it. My ex and I kept trying to work it out but he kept going back. I became pregnant with our little girl Isabelle but I decided to leave him because he would not stop cheating and has caused me massive stress. The whole family are all split up and I have three kids… no thank you to this selfish **** that is to this day causing issues with contact between my X partner and the kids because she doesn’t want him with the kids at all. She’s a terrible nightmare that doesn’t stop causing trouble only thinking of herself. So far she has been getting what she wants.