Cheaters John Verhoeven

John Verhoeven — Atlanta, Georgia

John ruined my life. He was amazing at first until I moved in with him and after about 5 months I realized he wasn’t the same person I thought he was. He was extremely obsessive about everything. If I made a sandwich for lunch and left a crumb he would get upset then lecture me on how to clean up. Often times I’d be in the middle of making something to eat when he would come in and start yelling at me about how disgusting I was and didn’t know how to clean up after myself . That was the beginning of the worst 4 yrs of my life. He smoke weed everyday. When he was late for work he would call me on his way asking me what excuse he should make, then tell me I was worthless if whatever I came up with wasn’t what he deemed “a good excuse” . After a while he started using me for his excuses telling his boss he had to go help me because my car broke down, or he had to pick me up from the airport and got stuck in traffic. He ran late with everything and I noticed he blamed the reason he was late for friends and family on me as well. He blamed everything that ever went wrong on me. He would steal my adderall from me then when I’d run out and ask if he took any he would convince me that I take way too high of a dosage and it was causing me to have psychological issues and memory loss. I have taken the same dosage for years. When I met John he was taking 10mg a day. After 1 yr his dosage increased to 45mg daily and it def showed in his angry outburst and ocd becoming extremely problematic but when I’d try to talk to him about it he would always blame me.