Cheaters John Henry Wade

John Henry Wade – Colorado

Narcicistic sociopath like traits. A story of a Demi trying to learn to trust and then being back stabbed by a sociosexual and homewtecked by another narcicistic sociosexual. Mine was a smotherer and I was supportive and there for him all the time because I thought he needed that so would stop his panicking and build trust and confidence in him & that seemed to work in a way too and we seemed very happy and I trusted him and then the slip of the mask and him secretly talking with my former roommate I hadn’t introduced him to although before that she wanted to see his profile. And then gas lighting, more gas lighting even with evidence, more apparent cheating, exposure, him still wanting control then the devaluing and discarding phase.(I loved and valued the trust and safety I thought we had)I ended up being kicked out while pregnant over trust issues while guilting me over it, then I registered there was an angry yelling female involved in porn homewrecking me from downstairs and yelling “throw her out”, another narcissist with a history of homewrecking her friends who did not care about humane treatment fairness, others relationships, or others needs being met or how unjustified her or his actions were. I believe in doing no harm to others. Her name is Tiffany Rainwater and her porn name in Carnelia on suicide girls, the rejected applicants who pay membership to be naked. How’d I get into this after years of being abstinent and uninvolved while learning after rape and abuse that I just wanted healthy real things and now it was ugly and trash. It made me more demisexual and I felt surrounded by sociosexuals trying to turn me into a villain for getting cheated on and they went on to say I my relationship was not real and I was stupid to believe what they said or that I was special to them like the bullying kid who manipulates games changing the rules when losing. It destroyed my life and my esteem and support network, and resulted in rebuilding moving, and this woman played the victim like I was an intruder being walked on and immediately my ex switched faces making me the enemy. These people never go punished, but seem to get their behavior reinforced by flaunting people they poached and publicly devaluing their victims whilesaying the former childhood friend’s boyfriend whom the friend wanted to marry, wasn’t as special of a relationship as with her and now she’s married to her friend’s. That’s what happens? The innocent get homewrecked and cheated on and start to ruin their life villainizing them ostracizing them publicly as the narcissist clean up the havoc they made and treat the victim like the cause of it and dillusional to believe they were special and brag how they only know how to make a relationship work. Yet she didn’t say on her site like she brags to me that she held his phone for months passwords & keys & was paranoid. A price for doing that to my peaceful world where I only got involved with people not recently involved and in any way involved. She got Divorced from the friend’s former fiancé because he was not understanding of her needs to have more people in the bedroom and was supported over this on a porn site like she was the victim? My ex came home saying his groin area was sore yet he wanted some humiliating favors of a sexual nature and expected it, but wasn’t affectionate as usual, like I wasn’t good enough. It felt dehumanizing brinking on sexual abuse like I was disgusting and a huge change from norm. He seemed snobbier with a new haircut. I learned a barber and pornmodelwannabe on OkCupid invited him to get a haircut. He guilted me over trust saying their was no other female. I was confused by the blame shifting, gas lighting and thinking over if I messed us up as he wanted me to feel and that there was no other female because really how could they had spent time with anyone else for as much time they asked of me and I was their biggest supporter and confidant.I really knew no one else who texted me so much and worried how they’d do if one had to be away for a while.She found my account when I calmed down because I believed cheaters end up destroying each other the same way, but she emailed my private account and had all my information and pictures and texts to and from my ex.I took the bait and saw the pic of them in the profile pic and saw all my ex said was a lie and it was not my fault and he was getting sexual in photos with them less then a week and it not just validated what I thought, but was worse.(The fairness, the no mention of me and the fake perfect act grosses me out. No he didn’t find her in the trash like she said, no she seduced him on okcupid and sent him naked photos while his pregnant gf was with him & they ruined more lives) It showed a cycle of two spoiled narcissistic people whose cheating behavior keeps more guilt free as it’s reinforced with others willing to cheat with them and paint their victims as a villain.How did I get portrayed?The most revenge I ever got, if any, was to report him at work for bullying his coworker after concluding that she was probably a nicer person after seeing how he treated me with no shame. His name is John Henry Wade. He giggled as he bragged how he went around to everyone at work convincing most she wasn’t a good worker or likeable and laughed because she started to act paranoid at work by the way people are treating her and took her lined up job in secret and laughed over how he hates her, but she told him about her problems at work and still thinks they are friends. He also seemed proud that he’s gotten people fired before and I don’t know if the grounds after valid after seeing what he did to me. He does care how this effects them or what happens to them and seems proud of this sociopath like trait. I felt empathy for the coworker having experienced or seen this unethical behavior before and wander if he did this to me during the discarding phase. He was not worth meeting because he causes more loss than you had to begin with, as well as her. I pity her former friend who seemed to take most things in a quiet strong manner while the homewtecker did things she should be written off for, not the other way around. End up working with her and even in childcare in a place of trust she will smear you online as something obscene and call you everyone else lazy and take all the credit. Don’t fall for it. His name is John Henry Wade.