Cheaters John Englert

John Englert – Indiana

He has cheated w my wife and several others wives, as my wife told me. He lived in Indianapolis until recently bragging to my wife about moving to Mccordsville. He is known to have several several women on the side at a time. He gave my wife Chlamydia, and she gave it to me, that’s when she told me the truth about him. Oh and he gave her HPV. I’ve tried to confront him but he will never say a word. He’s a liar and lies alot, and also brags about himself all the time. He thinks sending pictures of himself to women in relationships is acceptable, which his p**** is very ugly and nasty looking has holes in it you can put your finger through I’ve seen and my wife confirmed. He told one of her friends that he ended up sleeping w that he met on a dating site that he’s slept with around 60 women I believe he bragged about in the last 3 years. He never knew they were friends, joke was on him. And she slept with him a long time after he slept with my wife, and her friend ended up with everything he gave to us plus Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. Ugh…. I really feel sorry for my wives friend, she and us both have hep c now because he had any open outbreak and gave it to my wife and her friend. He’s probably got more things now. He may look clean but he’s extremly dirty as we found out and now have life long scars of his behavior. Also found out he’s a swinger from a couple we know, they said he likes to frequent swinger clubs so swingers beware he’s infested w not only clap but herpes too, and whatever he gave my wifes friend. We now have it from him. He is on all kinds of dating sites, anyone he can get into, he’s been kicked out of some for inappropriate behavior, such as just straight asking to have sex and sending nasty pictures of his gross p****. He is egotistical and stuck on himself, truly about his own needs. He is a rasict and proud of it. He’s also homophobic but has no problem wanting to try to get my wife to lick his a**. And he eats his own c**. Yuck! He also thinks he’s the best man to walk this earth w his diseases…. Not, men like him make us good ones look bad. He now probably has more than doctors can cure as I hear. He almost ruined my marriage, we worked it out but now we have herpes and had to get cured from chlamydia because of him. He looks at young girls too. My wife said she saw porn of young girls in his place. BEWARE…. He will charm ladies like he did my wife and then treat them like he owns them. My wife said he prides himself on his pierced p**** which is nasty looking already but its small like my pinky, and the piercings aren’t even done properly which is why you can stick your finger through the skin on his p**** ugh. He’s just gross and as noticed by several people who know him and not know him that women come and go from his old apartment and apparently his new place. He’s known to brag are work about all the women he sleeps with as he does work as a government employee at the department of defense. While he was married he cheated several times on his wife when he was away, and admits it proudly to his co workers and friends, my wife even told me. Ladies PLEASE PLEASE BEWARE……. If you take the chance to mess w this guy even kiss him you’re infected. Sad but true. Don’t get what we got from him, my wife’s friend almost killed herself over the damage he did to her and his saying on that is ” anyone to kill themselves or try are stupid”. No person should ever pass STD’S around like candy and put people in pain like he has. Beware Indianapolis, surrounding areas, all of Indiana. Please ladies, my wife is still a mess over him giving us this. Yes she should’ve never cheated either but he started w his charm then she saw through him and came back. He is also abusive and don’t care who he hurts. She said he degraded her and was rough with her. He tried to break our marriage, it didn’t work. Sad we heard just the other day he’s still doing this stuff w married women on the streets and trying online to pick them up. Single or married ladies beware he’s a cheater and is passing along STD’S…. He thinks he’s untouchable because of his job and his gun. I believe that’s why he does what he does.