Cheaters Johanna Larios

Johanna Larios – Connecticut

Johanna Larios is a privileged yet miserable wanna be gang banger who assumes her social status based on association and association alone. She does not need to work thanks to money left to her by her late father, so instead she spends her time buying friends and starting trouble in people’s lives when things don’t go her way. Johanna is not above sleeping with drug addicts nor men who have multiple sex partners, yet does not take responsibility for her actions and tries to blame her hpv and chlamydia on any and everyone but herself. Don’t bother asking her how many sex partners shes, because ‘anal on the first date doesn’t count.’ She will block you and every single one of your mutual friends when confronted and deny her actions on her fathers grave. Thankfully for him, he never has to see the little c*** he’s raised, unfortunately for us, I can’t say the same. Johanna Larios is a weak woman who hides the truth in her false reality of lies and dollar bills. She will go to Hell and back to make sure her misery spreads like cancer to every person who doesn’t idealize her so that she may always feel victorious. This woman is not a woman at all but rather a girl trapped in a life not worth living. It’s not my place to judge her though, just my responsibility to spread awareness to my community before she spreads her cheeks to another unsuspecting victim. #ctharley #johannalarios #larios #analdoesntcount