Cheaters Johanna Clark

Johanna Clark — Orlando, Florida

My husband and I dated nine years before we married however in the course of us dating he met this thing at my children school and some how hooked up ot was going on for a while before i found out and i was furious however she claim she knew nothing about me okay i can accept that being you only knew what he told you l.So now you know were dating an engaged to be married lt didnt stop her she kept calling texting begging sending nude pictures to his phone until I got tired we separated for a while an they continue to mess around until one day i received a call my ex was in some trouble being that he is generally a good guy I helped him out long story short after that we started back dating an we got married. Wow that was biggest mistake ever not the marriage but the fact we got married made things worst she is like a bug that never dies calling texting say glad he’s in your bed he will be in mine tomorrow just being a real pain she has tried to run me over anything she thinks that will separate my husband an I trust me she has tried i dont know how much more i can take i wish there was name for this i know crazy an desperate with a side order of low self esteem move on already no matter what he may say the fact remains he is married.