Arizona Joey Lynn Barnett

Joey Lynn Barnett – Scottsdale, Arizona

Joey Lynn Barnett has been in the industry for awhile now! Sucked at least 60 Gregs in town including the majority of my boys and lives in a filthy apartment in Mesa. My dude Grant went down there to bang her and said he had to leave once he saw a roach crawl across the wall. Apparently she’s a huge pothead and her place looks like something off of hoarders. Now apparently she’s a financial planner? Trust me boys, pass on this one and don’t give her a dime. There’s nothing more pathetic than a woman that’s nearly 30 and still trying to figure out her exit strategy from the clubs. Aside from that, I’ve seen her nudes and her body is sh1t. Horrible boob job and lumpy mom bod. Joey – go back to bartending and fuking dudes for money under the table. It’s as high caliber a you’ll get girl.