Cheaters Joel Snook

Joel Snook – Colorado

He is selfish, lies out of his a** and cheats more than anyone could EVER imagine!!! He IS married and has 2 kids but cheats on his wife that he is “in love” with. He is never honest about anything and will go after anything. He’s also a registered sex offender for any of you that come across this! He cheated on his wife while she was 3 months pregnant with their first kid then he knocked up the s*** he was cheating on his wife with while she was 6 months pregnant. He also slept with his best friends fiance who was pregnant with their child and every single other woman he worked with. He goes on Craigslist list looking for stupid little girls who will fall for his pity story so they will do whatever he tells them because they feel sorry for him. He’s a worthless piece of s*** and an even bigger worthless p*** poor excuse of a father! On top of that he works primarily for child support and lives with his parents. Has has NOTHING!!! Owns NOTHING!!!