Cheaters Joe Bachicha

Joe Bachicha — Colorado Springs, Colorado

Joe Bachicha is a grimy POS. He raped his niece, and inebriated a 13 year old girl and raped her. He is currently incarcerated at Bent County Correctional Facility for a DUI and waiting to go on trial for the rapes. He is currently with some trailer trash named Samantha Fox, who is standing by his side and she has 4 little kids that she does not care about the safety of. One of those kids is Joe’s daughter who is one year old. To set the record straight, I’m the one who turned his a** into the cops, I don’t care what they do, they deserve each other. He’s just as bad as she is, lying to me, beating me, kicking me down the stairs, punching me in the face and mouth. He’s a real, genuine POS just as much as Samantha Fox is. They can both go rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. Ladies, watch out for yourselves, he’s charming at first and then he’ll turn on you in the blink of an eye. He’ll try to control you, then if that doesn’t work he’ll beat you and verbally abuse you. Guard yourselves ladies and don’t fall for his bullsh*t and charm.