Cheaters Jody Hayes from Manilla

Jody Hayes from Manilla – Iowa

We met on Facebook. His name is Jody Hayes from Manilla, Iowa. He works in Denison, Iowa. He has spent several years in the Army. We talked for 5 months day and night literally almost 24/7 except when working. I trusted and believed in him with everything I have. I never dreamed he would blindside me and dump me for another b****. I was to the point of deciding to be together. I wanted him to move to my state. We had already discussed plans and arrangements. He started picking fights with me about nothing specific just anything and everything. Then the phone calls and texts came to a near halt all within a day. He would always call on his way to work. After about a week of him not doing so I asked why he wasnt and his reply was his mom had been calling and he was talking to her. Then came the big elaborate plan for him to go on a fishing trip with his buddies for a weekend but he could not call they would be in a remote location with no cell service. Then he made the statement if I accused him of being with a girl he would do exactly that. So I told him I thought he had already been doing exactly that. Within a few minutes he sent me a picture of a topless woman and said “One womans trash is another womans treasure.”