Cheaters Jodi General

Jodi General — Antioch, Illinois

On Father’s day I got a messenger message from this slut saying she’s been having an affair with my husband for 4 years and that they work together and that she was told by my husband in the beginning that he was single. She is 49 yo and 7 yrs older than my husband. Any decent woman should have stopped once she finds out the man is already MARRIED. Also, she’s living with her common-law partner with whom she has a teenager with … But that did not stop her from this disgusting immoral act either. Yes, my husband is at fault here too, telling her lies and getting her hopes up high that we were gonna divorce. But that’s not an excuse . She is an adult. But obviously a stupid, immoral slut who does not have respect for the sanctity of marriage. Anyway, good luck to you and may you live a long life in the factory line as a picker and someday PICK a not married man.