Canada Jocelyn McCaw

Jocelyn McCaw – Canada

She is a manipulative and conning. The girl charming, yet is covertly hostile and dominate, seeing her victim as merely an instument to be used. She well dominate and hummiliate the man she is with.

She has a sense of grandose. She feels entitled and she feels that she always right. She has no problem lying coolly and it is almost inpossible for her to be truthful. She also has a hard time distinguishing facts from fiction. This girl is extemely convincing and even was able to pass of the lies on to my ex-boyfriend.

The girl has no remorse or even sense of shame or guilt. She has alot of rage, which is split off and repressed for whay I can tell. She dose not see othere around her as people.But they only targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, she has victim . She alway has justified what she has done. To 4 other man and she has totally destroyed my family period without any consideration to what was going to happen. She will not let nothing stand her way.

She talks about loving these men. But in actuality it is a giant mental game that she plays to satisfy her own needs and insecurities. She gets outraged by insignificant matters, yes remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a noramal person. Even as she was hurtting my ex and driving him away from me and our unborn child. She incapacity for love. She lives on the edge. I have heard her have verbal outbursts for no reason. She all she can do sleep around with any guy the keep mind stimulated. What she fails to tell these men is that she currently has a bad case of gonorrhea and also has a case of clamydia. She passed this on to my ex-boyfriend. And subsequently I have it too. We’re both currently being treated. As you can tell I keep seeing ex-boyfriend. Because he is no longer in our lives my baby will have a father but never know who he is.