Cheaters Joanne Shiels

Joanne Shiels — Belfast, Northern Ireland

This woman failed to wreck my marriage , though she only had a one night stand she continued to post pictures with my husband and him with her kids long story short she got pregnant he thought he was doing the right thing by going and seeing the child . Only to be threatened by her if he didn’t leave , told him he would end up in hospital if he didn’t leave me . She sent private messages of pictures with him and the child , even posted publicly on a business page which I closed down because of what she did . I tried not to let it control my life he was sorry I forgave him as for her I can’t stand the woman for what she done not only to me but my children . He wants nothing to do with her or the kid , (considering she has had four kids with different fathers ) just goes to show she can’t keep her legs closed.