Arizona Jiselle Billnard

Jiselle Billnard — Scottsdale, Arizona

Jiselle Billnard is both one of the craziest and one of the nastiest strippers in Phoenix and that is saying something. She “works” at Jaguars and goes into the private rooms and does more than just strip she will actually have sex with these men. Then she even goes home with them which is breaking the rules of her boss. She says her favorite music to strip to is Nickelback. Songs like Midnight Queen, She keeps me up and Shaking Hands and Something in your mouth are her favorite. But she complains they play rap and hip hop at the club and she doesnt like “that ghetto music”. Racist much? She also has a snapchat and uses her instagram to promote it. What she does is she actually charges money through pay pal for nude pictures and somehow guys pay for this even though a simple search on bing they can see naked women for free. She keeps playing with fire and has been abused by guys she hooks up with at these clubs. She needs serious mental help. I still am concerned for her even tho I am not a capain save a hoe. But I will say when she isnt partying and drinking she can be nice. But she is an out of control train wreck.