Cheaters Jini Lockhart Wimmer

Jini Lockhart Wimmer — Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Jini Lockhart Wimmer tried to steal my husband when I was 7 months pregnant. She and my husband were working for the same company in two different cities. She started calling him with questions about the items she was cataloging. Within a few days, she started throwing in a few sexual innuendos. After a couple of weeks, she was describing her sex with other men. She then started with explicit invitations. After many of these he went to see her. They spent a few hours together. She insisted they take her car, she drove. He had no idea where she took him. It was by a body of water in an isolated area. From the beginning he felt trapped. She reached for him and they kissed and had sex. He was ready to leave, but she insisted they stay a while longer. He really felt trapped by now. She wanted sex again, but she never seemed to get off to it. She made disgusting noises and faces like a monkey. By now he’s really ready to leave. She says not yet. After a while longer, she asked for sex again. He was grossed out by her. He faked his orgasm so she would agree to go. She still wanted to stay. He was insistent that they leave. She said okay. She got her ratty old car stuck in the mud. He threw mud all over her getting it out of the mud. They got back to her place. He washed to get her off him. She followed him out to his truck. He said, “I won’t ever be back. I love my wife too much!” He confessed the whole thing to me and I’ve forgiven him. He’s been faithful to me ever since. He said she taught him that sl**s don’t give you a thrill like a loving wife can. They are all talk and no real action or value. She has gone on to become a life coach. She says she has a Ph.D from a church. How can you get a Ph.D. without an undergraduate degree? Oh yeah, she says she worked UNDER a doctor. Can you guess how she was under him? The real kicker is that since the Ph.D is through a church, she can marry people. Anyway, she has 20 or more addresses for the last 2 years. I don’t think she is very successful. Beware of hiring her for your life coach or to marry you!