CON-ARTIST, LIAR, DRUG ADDICT – His exact words he admitted to me. Jimm is also a CHEATER, a SEXUAL PERVERT, a PREDATOR, a MANIPULATOR, a THIEF and a NARCISSIST. He lives somewhere in Durham Region (Oshawa – Pickering). Jimm lies about where and who he lives with. He told me he lived with his cousin, who later I found out was his girlfriend for 2 ½ years. James and I met on in December 2012. We kept in contact on and off, but did not see each other again until June 2013. Jimm always had reasons why – in the hospital, sick with the flu, cancer relapse and chemo. I broke off with him in October 2013 when he stole money from me. James is a contractor and drummer, who NEVER WORKS full time and has NO MONEY. He claims to know celebrity musicians and performed with them. Alleges he travelled the world, lived an adventurous life, plays and sings in 3 bands and is happy with the life he has lived. Jimm boasts how his past made him the man he is today – honest, respectful, compassionate, sensitive, grateful, helpful, caring and loving (especially animals and children). This is so far-fetched from the truth.