Cheaters Jessye Gleason

Jessye Gleason — New Albany, Indiana

This is Jessye Gleason, the worst type of homewrecker you will ever know , while her husband was in Afghanistan she messaged my then boyfriend every day flirting with him and sending him explicit photos, when her husband came back she went ghost. Fast forward a year or so , she convinced her husband to leave the army and to move back home for “family”, later to find out she moved back to be with my then boyfriend, they started texting every day , I didn’t think much about it because I trusted my boyfriend , I even invited her into my home, she assured me they were just friends, soon the texts started saying “good morning baby” , “good night my love” , my boyfriend started coming home late , phone would be off , and I would wake in the middle of the night and my boyfriend would be gone, she tried to convince him to leave me and she would leave her husband and “start a family together” I then confronted her husband and he filed for divorce, BUT WAIT THERES MORE… she hasn’t told ANYONE what actually happened , she blames the divorce on her ex husbands PTSD , she also made sure in the divorce she got a free ride through collage and left her husband broke , no one knows the true story , she would do ANYTHING to get pregnant , and she thrives on ruining others relationships , she hides behind religion and says she has done nothing wrong and god will always forgive her and if i was a Christian i would drop it and “realize it was a mistake” right now , not even a year after her divorce she has given birth and ruined another persons family , Please expose this witch , she is the worst kind of homewrecker , cheating on her husband while he fights in a war !!!!!!!!!!!