Cheaters Jessy King

Jessy King — Greeley, Colorado

Destroyed a 10 year marriage.wont even man up about it just lies and lies i would have let it go we are human but him not being a man i don’t see she seen in him he a pussy. He knew she was married and had kids and kept pushing until 10 years down the drain. I told them both that i knew what was going on, i told her i knew and it would be fine if we just talked about it 1st. That if she wanted she could have him over to our house and talk about it,i was willing to let them play if there was nothing hidden from me. But instead wanted to keep doing it behind my back. I understand that she has only ever been with me and had wanted to know what other people where like so did i,this could have been a fun experience for everyone but instead killed all trust. He doesn’t care about you about your kids hell he doesn’t even speek to her anymore so 10years for 10min if your wife works with him hes probably trying already.