Cheaters Jessica Underwood

Jessica Underwood — Hampton, Georgia

So first off I’m not going to say my marriage was great, we had some communication issues and sexual issues, but however I never thought it would be this. We met this couple about 3 years though some mutual friends at the time. Jessica was always flirty with everyone and I honestly thought nothing of it. Well my husband was hanging out with this group of friends while I was at work because I worked a lot around the holidays. Well about a yr later there was a huge blow out between everyone because someone said that my husband wanted to screw Jess. I can’t prove any truth behind it and my husband insist that it wasn’t true. Well Jess decides she want to remain friends with us even after which I thought was a little odd. Well a couple of months later my husband buys a new car so she makes her husband buy her a new car… we got a new dog a week later she gets a new dog very similar type. So I talked to her as a friend didn’t think nothing off it and then a couple of months later she decides to start hanging out at my house when I wasn’t there… I yet again give the benefit of the doubt finally I quit talking to her and she decides to start contacting my husband ( keep in mind she’s married also). Never contacted me she started off with why I wasn’t talking to her and so on and so on. Well a couple of weeks ago my husband tells me he’s leaving… i was pissed. I wanted to calm down before I asked to him. Come on individual out this slut has been contacting him since the wed prior… he says he didn’t leave me for her she had no clue what was going on with us but she decided to leave her husband the same day….. I didnt find out the truth till about a week later and then I contacted her husband. He already knew and boy it wasn’t pretty from there. Now in the mean time me and my husband are trying to work ttings out he tells her to leave him alone. I’ve blocked her several times and she keeps trying to contact. He doesn’t want her. She got into his head tried twisting shit for her own agenda. Now her husband is still contacting me to tell me wwhat he thinks is going on but I know it isn’t on my end I have all his stuff on lock… so now ssession making up lies and stalking his moms house who live .5 mile away from her. Needless to say I’m done with this bitch and ssession crazy… getc your own life honey because you didn’t succeed in getting mine…