Canada Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith — Canada

I’m not sure when this woman started with my husband but I’m pretty sure they met at the gym we both go to. She and my husband like to do it in the car, sneaking around lying for months. I even caught them off a road by our house. She stayed in her car and refused to talk to me. I ended up finding a instagram and an email where I read all about how she loves running her hands over his arms while hes fuking her. How she dresses up for him, etc. Beware ladies… it doesnt matter the size the other woman is, a man will put his d1ck in anything willing!

Cheaters Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith — Trion, Georgia

When I first met this girl Jessica Smith she seemed like the sweetest person. Man was I wrong. After a few months her true colors showed. I found some texts from her to my now ex husband and honestly it made me sick to my stomach. I later found out that it wasn’t just me she did it to. She will literally sleep with anyone or anything for a sack of dope.