Cheaters Jessica Pedro Grabowski

Jessica Pedro Grabowski — Farmington, Conneticut

She was a friend of my husbands before I met him. So when I came into the picture her and her husband me and my husband and a couple of other people spent most holidays birthdays and having Great cookouts in the summer all at my house. She never brought anything and never helped cleanup. Her husband Jason who is actually a really nice guy is pretty whipped. He does all the cooking and cleaning she doesn’t work so it’s all his money and they do have a six-year-old son. Well about a year ago I noticed some of her flirting towards my husband and I guess I was pretty stupid to ignore it. I never really liked her to begin with so I thought maybe my dislike for her was making me see something that wasn’t there.

But I just found out in April that they were having an affair. Her poor husband is in denial which surprises me because her husband now was best friends with her first husband and of course she cheated on her first husband with her now husband. She is quite the game player. Well now my husband is all kinds of confused and wants to stay in The marriage and at this point I’m just not sure what I’m going to do. I’ve always believed that there is a special place in hell for women that go after married man. And Karma is a bitch she will get hers.