California Jessica Nottingham

Jessica Nottingham — Modesto, California

Forget california dreamin’….this girl is anything but a dream. She’s a nightmare to say the least. Not only was she in a committed relationship, with her sexy blue eyed girlfriend of 11 years….but the ‘man’ she cheated on her with was married with 3 young children. All under the age of 6, with the youngest one being only 2 months old. Oh and did I mention, the ‘man’ was/is her boss and his wife was an employee as well? This California nightmare had been smiling in the face of the wife, asking about the kids….even going so far as to visit the mom and baby at their home AFTER she had already begun the affair with the now deadbeat dad. She has cheated before, and here she is cheating again. But this one, seeing as tho it involves a young family and their children, it just makes things go from bad to worse. She’s got just a little less class than pond scum. I can absolutely promise you that she’s a lifer in the cheating game…proof positive that leopards absolutely will not ever change their spots. California dreamers beware….this girl will be the very worst nightmare you’ve ever had.