California Jessica Melendrez

Jessica Melendrez — Ventura, California

My boyfriend is friends with what is now her ex boyfriend. She totally flirted without even being subtle in front of me and her boyfriend at the time who is in the picture with her btw. He was a super nice guy and acted as a father to this skanks son for the 6 years they were together. He eventually caught her cheating and she acted like it was his fault and while he was at work the day he found out she packed up EVERYTHING in their house and moved in with the guy she was sleeping with behind his back. She didn’t even leave him a piece of toilet paper to wipe his ass with. Even all his clothes so all he had to wear was what was on his back that day. All the furniture including the bed and TV etc. We later found out she had cheated on him before and the relationship she was in before him she had done the exact same thing to that guy after he caught her cheating with my boyfriends friend. I find one day after reading my boyfriend’s texts cuz his dumbass forgot to erase them that were from her totally coming onto him. She’s already trying to cheat on the guy she left her ex for with my boyfriend! She would ask him is your girlfriend there? And tell him how much she liked him and how scary it was cuz she liked him so much. Hah! He was creeped the fuck out but he still didn’t shut her down cuz he likes his ego stroked and gets all fluffed up anytime some other skank hits on him. Men are fucking stupid. Anyway she kept trying to get him to come out to her and her new boyfriends house to see her while he was at work and so while my boyfriend was too. Telling him how she wanted his cock all bad and nasty. He never followed through. I made sure as hell to find out. I told him he better text her saying he’s not interested unless he wants her as a new gf and me no longer in his life so he did it and she backed off. But she’s bad news and I’m sure is already in a new relationship and cheating on whoever the poor sucker is with another chicks man.