Australia Jessica McElgunn

Jessica McElgunn — Warrnambool, Australia

So my friends husband works for Michael Hill the jewelry store. Hes 34, small and married to a wonderful person and has taken on the roll of step father of her daughter. They have been together for 10 years, since the little girl was 4. Everything seemed normal in there relationship. They had problems but also acted like they were very much in love. I lived with them on and off and it wasn’t an act. They genuinely seemed very much in love, right up to a quick work vacation to Vegas this September. He kissed his wife and kid goodbye and went to vegas. He stayed in touch with his wife right up until the last night where he went missing for most of the day and the night.

Generally when your husband talks to you constantly then instantly doesn’t you’re first fear or worry is did something happen to him. He’s in a new place, you never know, but no he came home the next day. He hadn’t slept since the night before and his whole demeanour had changed (I am still living with them at this point). When asked about the cell phone he said he left it in the hotel so he wouldn’t loose it. Granted thats a great alibi except he had posted some pictures of that night to instagram. Regardless my friend let it slide. From that day on he treated her and everyone else in the house with such odd disrespect and anger. So different then before. Something was up. It was clear he had stayed up all night on some kind of drug (he was acting very sketchy). He continued to make excuses as to why he couldn’t sleep in the same room as his wife. Why he couldnt touch her or kiss her. He lashed out constantly, and was always on his phone and refused to give it up if my friend asked for it. Finally she got ahold of it and was in for a horrible time. HOMEWRECKER Jessica McElgunn had just sent a message to him via the whatsapp that ended with I love you. Naturally my friend got mad and threw his phone on the ground and slapped him across the face. He left and called the police, who came to arrest my friend, but did not given the grounds of the situation and her momentary laps of judgment, (If that were my husband, he would have no been able to leave the house in one piece, just saying). Regardless he had her charged with assault. Just to add insult to injury. Eventually he came clean saying he was up all night talking in Vegas with the HOMEWRECKERF (Jessica McElgunn) about his life and marriage and came to the conclusion that he wasnt happy in his marriage. Oh ya. She helped him come to that conclusion.. To leave a 10 year relationship, 7 years married (the 7 year itch) and to leave a little girl he had been caring for for 10 years. Who does that. This woman does. Not only that, he works at the same place as my husband and had the audacity to introduce my husband to her via facetime. Yep they were chatting on facetime. They did this so much and talked so much at work that he lost his job. They both work for Michael Hill, Her in Australia and him Canada. Imagine that. So The whole story. They stayed up all night doing drugs and drinking at a Micheal Hill managers meeting in vegas and now they are moving to the same country together after she convinced him with sex to leave his marriage and child. No woman should do that to another woman. If a man is married you send him packing and hopefully with enough class to tell his wife. This woman has no class. It’s disgusting that she sells people engagement and wedding rings. I wonder how many other women’s lives shes destroyed. Watch out Australia she could be after yours next.