Cheaters Jerry Graybeal

Jerry Graybeal – Florida

This man is a true player. His picture will be in the definition of player in the dictionary, trust me. He will tell you he is so in love with you very quickly after he meets you, will tell you you’ll have many anniversaries together and he wants to spend the next 40 years with you. He also has the world’s greatest lines. You’ll wonder which book he read to find these lines. He will come on to you physically like there’s no tomorrow and be all over you like a fly on poop. However, he does not talk much nor talk well, not the best conversationalist which will make you think he’s shy. No, he just wants to conquer you. He likes to be in situations where he will get caught – a turn on to him. There are many strange things about this character, but he will tell you how much he’s in love with you before, during and after he has conquered you, but all the while seeking out the next one. I know, I was one of those conquests and caught him seeking out others as he is saying i love you’s, etc. He’s not right, so go in with your eyes open.