Cheaters Jeremy P. Cox

Jeremy P. Cox – Colorado

This man is one of the best liars I have ever met imy life, don’t believe a word he ever says to you! I know him better than anyone thinks they know him, only to find out less than 4 months into our relationship, he’s a sociopath (google it..its dead on what he actually is)and he has no feelings at all, he’s not mentally capable of having any feelings he says he has for you, and he knows it and so do the mental health pros…he will literally take everything from you and then make you walk away from everything and laugh at you..he will demolish every friendship you had or have, he will lie about you and blame you for everything he does, or goes wrong in your relationship, and don’t think he won’t find a way to make u feel like you are to blame..its him it’s not you! He will cheat on you with anything that he can touch with his hands or see with his eyes, he will promise you that he’s not and make u believe he’s in love with you and only sleeps with you and would never cheat on you..ya, he’s lying…if this man is speaking, he’s lying.. Do not get sucked in by him, he knows what he’s doing to you and he DOES NOT CARE!! Im not a bitter ex , I will have my day with him, I’m warning you about him..he’s not capable of any emotional attachments at all..he’s using you until you stop giving to him..he does not love you he loves himself to much to make room to love not trust this will be left heartbroken and lost, but he could care less..I know he did it to me..the guy you know now, the nice guy, your his queen, he loves you beyond measure, i loved that guy too but…enjoy that guy while he last because once you see the real him..your done for..your about to live in hell, so leave now,that nice guy isn’t about sociopathic men, and learn your future in advance, and then run while u still can..