Cheaters Jenny

“Jenny” — Kellogg, Idaho

This is Jenny who has a very lengthy history of preying on married men and earning home wrecker status… she has zero respect or morals when it comes to a woman’s husband and causes issues in marriages that she shouldn’t be. She has been asked to stop the nonsense and obsessive behavior but not Even then does she know when to quit. Some issues have been going on 11 years and counting. She takes lil breaks In between but like a bad virus she’s at it again. Can’t keep a man of her own cause she insists on chasing creeping and obsessing over men that are taken, have families and obviously prefer the married type, Watch out for this one ladies it’s quite disturbing and she doesn’t give a rats ass bout who she is hurting. Might even have some mental things going on is my guess cause who in the hell thinks like this… oh yeah, she does. Here’s your warning take it for what you will but she ever gets linked up in your family good luck shaking this one – she a real dandy ??