Arizona Jenny Rosa

Jenny Rosa — Tucson, Arizona

My husband was on TDY for a month in Tucson. He met this little girl while he was out with the boys one night and she found out he was married with 2 boys, nothing came of it. This girl thought it would be smart to pursue my husband a week later. They met for lunch a few times and he met her SON… things crossed the line. I am NOT excusing my husband for what he did, we’ve been together for 8 YEARS and I’m not about to throw that away over a girl who lost her damn mind. I am oh, so thankful that my husband didn’t stick his dick where it shouldn’t have been. MISS Rosa (yes, MISS), I have a few words for you. How does it feel knowing my husband called you a MISTAKE? How does it feel knowing he cut you out of his life completely? How does it feel knowing I have a good man that comes home to ME every night? The next time you see an attractive man with a ring on it, turn your ass around and walk away so no one see’s your pathetic ass drooling. I feel sorry that your son has to grow up with a piece of shit mother with no moral bone in her body. You may disagree with me, but the second you went after a married man, anything good about you just went down the toilet with all of your other shit. I almost felt bad for plastering your picture on the internet, but I realized, I don’t owe you sh*t, and you sure as hell don’t get any sympathy from me.