California Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer Stevenson — Oceanside, California

Jennifer Stevenson is a homewrecker she purposely relentlessly pursued a married man destroyed a 27 year marriage/relationship destroyed a family knowing he was married but didn’t care… She hurt 3 innocent children and their mother… She harassed me for 6 years sending pictures of my home my room taunting me about being in my home.. She drove by my home where my children could see her… She called text and emailed me… She was a horrible mother to her own children and a convicted felon 35 counts… She stole my husband whom I’m still married to and spent all his money caused him to lose his job and convinced him he doesn’t owe me sh*t and doesn’t and shouldn’t pay me child support because when she had her kids for the short time she did she never asked for child support which is a lie cause court regards show she did… She is an evil Laing manipulating homewrecker.