Cheaters Jennifer Slettebo

Jennifer Slettebo — Boise, Idaho

Before she was married to Gabe Slettebo, she went and rented houses from other landlords. She literally had sex with her landlords to gain free rent. When she stopped doing it, she got evicted. She also does drug runs for some of her previous landlords, not sure who they were, but a lot of drugs were involved. She also had an affair with a husband when his wife didn’t know what was going on. This went on for over a year, meeting with the fellow to have sex with him often without his wife knowing. After the wife found out, she moved away to another town with her kids. Telling lies constantly to her friends about what happened here and there but in truth, she was constantly being evicted from many houses that she had resided in because she started to refuse sex services to some of the men. She went from town to town… many houses she had previously rented were either damaged or used for drug manufacturing. When she moved to Gooding Idaho, she rented a house from some fellow who owns a store. She refused to pay rent and offered sex services plus drugs instead. The fellow refused and demanded money for rent. She then had her friends move in with her to provide some sort of drug running protection, and did damages to the house that she lived in. She is a homewrecker through and through! She will take your husband and have sex with them in order to blackmail them so their wives or girlfriends will not find out about it, plus provide drugs in return for various services. Ladies, watch out for this woman, she will destroy your marriage life and will destroy anything with your husband if she gets him hooked on serious drugs. “Drugs” involve meth and weed. Do research on Idaho court records!.. all of her public information is in there! Seriously! This woman is deranged… and needs mental help!